Fitness is the new fashion! Let's find new solutions to help more people to stay fit, reach their sports goals and integrate healthy habits in their daily routine.

All you can code!

Come alone or in a team, with ideas and skills, code and have fun in one of the coolest locations in Munich with 100 participants!



  • How can professional and amateur athletes integrate technology (software & hardware) to reach their goals? How can we use AI to get personalized recommendations?
  • How can we create a personalized workout based on your individual habits, condition, and goals?
  • Which devices will be our fitness companions in the future - earphones, rings, bracelets, or something else?


  • How can we motivate an average person to live a healthy lifestyle without interfering with their normal lives and habits?
  • How can we apply technology to help groups of people and whole companies to get fitter and increase their productivity and overall happiness?
  • How can we help an average person to get their dream body and calm their mind?


  • With the aging population and rising healthcare costs, prevention is one of the most important trends of the future. How can we make sure that kids and adults take care of their health - and which habits need to be developed?
  • How can we work with health insurances, doctors and other actors to make sure that the right data is reaching the right destinations?


Meet us @ eGym's awesome office (Prannerstraße 2, 80333 Munich).

Getting there: Inside of munich take the subway or S-Bahn to the Marienplatz and leave the station to Marienhof.

What people say about us

Jascha Quintern

3 times Burda Hackday winner

I’ll never forget my very first hackathon: the Burda Hackday. My team won unexpectedly. I have become addicted to Hackathons. As a result I founded Hackerstolz and started to organize own events. Thereby you can say, Burda Hackday changed my life.

Alexandra Schiel

DLD Conferance

I really love the atmosphere of the Burda Hackday. Over a hundred young people come together to code new stuff, they are being creative, have little sleep, drink a lot of energy drinks and do a lot of brainwork. Last time, we at Burda implemented one of the ideas at our bunte.de website which was great! A hackathon is also a great way to find talent.

Dirk Bösicke & Frederik Sattler

Deutsche Bahn

Burda was our first Hackathon and exceeded our expectations by far. Upon entering the door to the Hackday on Friday evening we were immediately struck by the special, dynamic vibe of this event. Motivation, sharing and time-boxing were key elements in creating an eager, yet friendly, atmosphere of competition that ultimately produced great results - and a fun time. Thank you !

Maike Zimmermann


Burda Hackday is the perfect occasion to mix first ideas with technology, experts and like-minded-people. The event’s atmosphere is inspiring but at the same time perfectly organized.

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